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What is a Customs Union?

At its simplest, a Customs Union comprises a single external tariff, applied by all Union Members, used to charge duty on goods imported into the Union. A Customs Union removes customs duties on trade between Members on all goods that are either produced within the Union or on which import duties have been paid. Internal border controls subsequently disappear and Customs Officers are then found only at the Union’s external borders. They not only keep trade flowing, but help, for example, to protect the environment, cultural heritage, and protect jobs by combating counterfeiting and piracy.

Brexit - You don't know what you don't know, but don't wait!

The UK leaving the European Union (EU), once materialised, will bring a brand new scenario for both the UK and the EU. From a Customs point of view this presents a number of challenges and opportunities to modernise Customs, commerce and logistics in line with international guidelines and best practice. Among many other implications, this means an increase in the volume of Customs declarations, impacting both UK business and government (HRMC).