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Brexit Auditing
Self-Audit Tool

Spreadsheet/.CSV upload

Upload tariff codes from your ERP/Business system directly to the audit tool via .xlsx or .csv formats.

Tariff Code Exception Report

Incorrect tariff codes uploaded to the audit tool, which do not match HMRC tariff codes, will be flagged and can be extracted for further analysis.

Duty Report Spreadsheet Extracts

Extract the duty calculations from the audit tool in spreadsheet format for further analysis.
View & Re-Run Previous Reports
Brexit Information
Blogs & Prep Guides
Support & Guidance

AEO Guidance

AEO Status will become a key attribute for businesses looking to send goods into the EU once the new customs border is in place, and is of increasing value in the global business environment. Our 20 minute self-assessment exercise is designed by experts, and can help you understand the potential for your business to achieve the status, and in what timescale, with feedback from an experienced AEO specialist.
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