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What is the Brexit Toolkit and how can it help you?

The Brexit tookit will enable you to audit your current trade with EU countries to find out what tariff/non-tariff barriers you may face and how much duty will likely be payable on the commodities you import & export After Brexit or any transitional arrangements cease.

You can also use the audit to find out if your business is ready to cope with post-Brexit customs regulation changes and in a position to take advantage of any relevant tax & duty relief schemes. This can also be used as part of a larger scale supply chain mapping exercise. If you need more help you can arrange an on-site consultation with one of our Brexit specialists, make a post in the Brexit forum or read through our Brexit international trade blog. 

The duty rates used in the audit tool are based on WTO most favoured nation (MFN) rates and will enable you to plan for a scenario where no FTA (free trade agreement) is in place on Brexit day or on the cessation of a potential transitional agreement.

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Brexit Self-Audit Tool

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What is the tool?

The Brexit Trade toolkit is a self-audit tool that delivers a simple, easy-to-understand report to help companies plan for the cost of trading with the EU post Brexit. This tool takes you through the exporting and importing journey of your manufactured products and their parts.

You can find out the:

- tariff code of your product
- non-tariff barriers your company could face (e.g. customs documents)
- duty you are likely to pay on whatever you import or export after the transitional period is over

The tool will:

- Be updated as negotiations with the EU progress
- Enable you to find any tax and duty relief schemes your business can take advantage of
- Help as part of a larger supply mapping exercise

It delivers:

- Up-to-date duty rates according to the World Trade Organisation and is designed by customs and trade experts
- An easy to understand report of cost implication and helps companies understand Rules of Origin
- The relevant documents that companies should fill in over the coming months

Learning about the effects of Brexit on international trade

Find out how much your Import & Export costs will change, if no FTA is agreed, for each tariff code you import from EU countries and how much more your customer may have to pay for exports you consign to EU countries.
Find out what customs procedures will be required to export or import your goods after Brexit/transition and how this may effect budgeting, supply chain mapping and resourcing within your business.
There are many customs relief schemes available which allow you to pay less or even no duty on imports from non-EU countries. Find out which of these may be applicable to you post-Brexit.
At the end of the self-audit, if you are still not sure how you could be affected you can contact us or make best use of the community.